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Quality, Colored Naturally!

Alpenglow Alpacas is a small alpaca ranch run by Linnea Laurila and Curt Gillespie.  We chose the name "Alpenglow" because it reminds us of the many natural colors of alpacas - the rose gray and fawn of the waning sunlight on a mountain, the grays of pending dusk and the black of night.   As a small breeder, we specialize in high quality, concentrating first on conformation and health and then on fiber fineness and quantity.  


We have been raising alpacas since 1997 and settled in with our alpacas on our ranch in scenic Westcliffe, Colorado in 2007.  


Linnea got into alpacas because she liked the idea of taking fiber from the animal and processing it all the way to finished garments.  Plus, alpacas are very cute and easy to handle.  Although the main goal of Alpenglow is to make finished products from the alpaca fiber, we also do limited breeding and sell alpacas for either breeding or pets.



Luxurious Alpaca Fiber.

Alpaca was considered the gold of the Incas.  It is a natural fiber with many advantages over wool.  It provides the same warmth with less weight and continues to insulate even when wet.  Alpaca fibers are smoother, so many people who react to the prickliness of wool can wear alpaca next to their skin.


There are two type of alpacas:  Huacaya and Suri.  Alpenglow specializes in Huacaya which look like big teddy bears with long necks and have a very wavy fiber for use in all kinds of products.  Suri alpaca fiber hangs in dreadlocks and is very silky and shiny.  Although we do not raise Suri alpacas, we use fiber from neighboring farms to make garments with beautiful drape.  


All our product is hand made with a few exceptions where noted in the descriptions.  

Alpaca Gallery.

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